Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy:

In short, LifeClick will never sell, rent, lease or otherwise monetize your personal information. We do not and will not violate our customer’s trust. For further details, please read on.

LifeClick is committed to respecting your privacy and taking all reasonable efforts to protect your information. We take Privacy very seriously here at LifeClick and post this Privacy Notice to explain our Privacy Policy and explain what we do with the personal information that we collect from our users. Please take the time to review this notice and check back as we reserve the right to update it from time to time. Any future changes made will still adhere to our over-arching policy to never use, sell, rent or otherwise disclose the information given by a user in a personally identifiable manner.
What data we collect and why:

Our vision at LifeClick is to facilitate contact management for all of our Account Holders.

Upon sign up with LifeClick, you have the option to provide your name, billing address, password, and login id. We capture your credit card information so you may subscribe to our service, but we do not store that information. At sign up you also create your own log in I.D. and password that is known only to you and LifeClick strongly discourages the sharing of your login I.D. and password with anyone. You, the Account Holder, are responsible for the safety and security of your login I.D. and password.

Any information you or anyone with your login id and password upload into LifeClick in the form of files, contact information, industry knowledge, maps, financial information, etc remains your sole and exclusive property. Please note that this information is subject to the LifeClick Terms of Service.

Who sees your personal information:

Only those LifeClick employees trained in our security processes with managerial oversight would ever have access to your personal information defined as Name, Billing Address, Login ID and Password. Our employees will not have access to your credit card information. Primarily this information is accessed to provide customer service and resolve any issues that may arise.

We may use contractors or vendors to help us provide some of the services at our site. If we need to disclose personal information for them to provide the services, it is with the requirement that the information is kept confidential and is used only for those services. These contractors or vendors are bound to adhere to our Privacy Policy and all of the restrictions on LifeClick information pertain to them as well.

How we keep your information secure:

LifeClick uses reasonable efforts to protect your information including a secure, encrypted connection (called an SSL connection) on all pages where you transmit personal data to us. Whenever you access any of your account pages or change any of your user information, it is done over an SSL connection to LifeClick. All data transfer to (upload) or from (download) will be done over a SSL connection using a current certificate.

Your privacy with LifeClick:

LifeClick will never ask for your login id, password or any other personal information in an unsolicited phone call, email or letter. Should any one contact you requesting such information, please contact LifeClick directly via email at:

Further, any contact with LifeClick customer service in which personal information is exchanged with a customer service representative will be used only for the purpose of satisfying that request. Any personal information you provide will not be recorded or used for any reason beyond that of the stated request without your consent.

Your privacy with our advertisers:

LifeClick contains links to various other sites. Each of these sites has a privacy policy that may differ from that of LifeClick. The privacy practices of other websites linked to are not covered by this privacy policy.

LifeClick will not disclose any of the personal information supplied upon registration to any other third party except as expressly mentioned in this Notice. This information will not be released by LifeClick to other parties unless required by law.

Our policies on email:

LifeClick does not support spamming by our Account Holders and we explicitly prohibit it in our Terms of Service. If you would like to report an incident of spamming, please contact We will investigate and take suitable action at our discretion. LifeClick does advertise via email from time to time. Any email LifeClick sends will fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Please understand that, though we may have some small influence over our Account Holders, we fundamentally cannot control the online or offline actions of our Account Holders or other parties, especially when it comes to their use of email or participation in newsgroups and forums. While we will investigate complaints sent to and take appropriate action with our Account Holders or other parties, we will typically not provide any information to third parties about our conversations with our Account Holders. We encourage people to resolve disputes directly with each other and discourage people from attempting to use LifeClick to police their mailbox or newsgroup.

Cookies and how are they used:

Cookies are small text files that a web site can write to your computer. We may use cookies to identify you and allow you to log in once to LifeClick and shop without having to log in again.

LifeClick requires its Account Holders to have cookies enabled in order to use the Service.

Your choices and responsibilities:

Periodically we may send you emails on new LifeClick features or special offers. On every one of these emails you will be given the choice to unsubscribe from LifeClick mailings. Choice of subscription to the Service is yours at all times, and you are free to remove yourself as an Account Holder at LifeClick at any time. Simply follow the directions in any of our emails. As an Account Holder you will always receive any system-wide notices regarding scheduling of maintenance that may or may not result in the service being temporarily unavailable.

It is the Account Holder's responsibility to update and maintain accurate contact information in their account. You can make changes by visiting you’re my Account Page and entering updates/corrections.

We will post all changes to this Privacy Notice here at our site. Please check for revisions when you visit our site again so that you will always be aware of our policies and any changes that might occur.

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