The LifeClick™ System
LifeClick™ is an intelligent software system that utilizes patient-entered data to formulate a complete health record, preliminary diagnoses, and clinical recommendations. With its innovative and patent-pending technology, The LifeClick™ System drives better healthcare through increased efficiency, enhanced clinical decision making, and improved patient outcomes.
Health Interview™

The Health Interview™ is an online, interactive questionnaire derived from over twenty multi-specialty, validated instruments integrated into a single system. It allows for the rapid and accurate collection of complex historical data. The Health Interview™ is your patient’s first entry-point to The LifeClick System™.

The Document™
The LifeClick System™ analyzes and compiles patient-entered information from the Health Interview™ and reports it as a complete health record in seconds.
The Document™ contains a detailed history, complete review of systems, preliminary diagnoses, and clinical recommendations. The Document™ is fully customizable.
HotSpot Score™ Graph

After completion of the Health Interview™, your patient’s physical and metabolic characteristics, historical data, and current symptoms are put through LifeClick’s intelligent system analysis to create a global assessment. Robust exploration recognizes patterns predictive of metabolic dysfunction or insufficiency. Results are reported as a system dysfunction HotSpot Score™ and displayed in graphic format.  The global assessment includes:

* Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Swings
* Memory and Concentration
* Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone Imbalances
* Digestion and Absorption Issues
* Structural Problems
* Adrenal Fatigue
* Thyroid Function
* Immune Activity and Toxic Burden
Virtual BodyScan™
Playing off their HotSpot Score™, the Virtual BodyScan™ is a simulated ‘scan’ of your patient’s body designed to visually highlight their top three target areas of system dysfunction. This tool enhances patient awareness of areas that are most likely to benefit from immediate action. The Virtual BodyScan™ is dynamic and changes over time as BMI and other health challenges improve.

Clinical Recommendations

The LifeClick System™ provides expert clinical guidance on suggested procedures, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, clinical protocols, and supplement plans. All recommendations are precisely tailored to your patient’s status.

Precision Mix Eating Plan™
Pivotal relationships between nutritional imbalance, metabolic dysfunction, biochemical individuality, and age-related disease are now scientifically recognized and have been validated with abundant research. However, the process of addressing this relationship with your patients is a labor and time-intensive task of evaluation, integration, and implementation. 
The LifeClick™ System solves this problem by giving each patient a customized, evidence-based nutrition plan based on metabolic typing, age, gender, blood type, and symptom patterns.

Precision Fitness Plan

Stretching, cardiovascular, and resistance training plans are formulated from the latest scientific evidence on physiology, and tailored to your patient’s fitness ability, history, and current goals. Animated examples, maximal and training heart rate, duration of exercise, and defined rest periods are incorporated in each Precision Fitness Plan™.

Patient Portal

LifeClick's secure portal allows easy and 24/7 access for your patients to their assessment, treatment plan, and other important documents. Patients also have access to secure file storage and sharing for easy upload and management of their private health records.

Online Store

LifeClick™ provides an online store and virtual shopping cart to add a convenient way for your patients to purchase supplements. This is clinically proven to improve your income and patient outcomes. There’s even an option for a private-label nutraceutical line customized to your practice.

Upgrade Your Practice with The LifeClick™ System